About Us

Established in 1998 by Herman Custard, Custard Core Supply began with a single mission, providing fast, fair, and flexible core buying and sales to remanufacturers big and small.

Today, that mission has not changed. CCS has evolved into a full range core supplier in the automotive, light duty diesel, and heavy duty diesel remanufacturing industry.

Here at CCS, we pride ourselves on being a primarily organic core supplier, meaning that cores are generated from our motors to your facilities directly.

 Being an organic core supplier provides higher quality cores that have been carefully handled, meticulously inspected, and been through less wear and tear compared to companies that purchase and resell core components rather than generating them organically.

CCS is a major supplier to top OE and aftermarket remanufacturer programs. We purchase through multiple industry networks as well as directly from vendors throughout the United States.