Sell Us Your Cores

Interested in selling your diesel cores and components? 
We are actively buying engines, injectors, turbos, high pressure fuel pumps, air compressors, fan clutches, EGR coolers, starters, alternators and electronic modules. 
We specialize in Ford, GM, Cummins, Mack, Volvo, Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel and much more!  
Give us a call for pricing and core criteria. No Minimum load amount. 

Core Buy List

Automotive Gas Engines

Chry 3.6L: Small sensor (2014-16)

Chry 3.7L: Without EGR

Chry 3.7L: With EGR

Chry 3.8L: Jeep Wrangler only (with front cover #020 and oil pan)

Chry 4.7L

Chry 4.7L: 2009+ (Dual spark plug)

Chry 5.7L: Early (Pre-2009)

Chry 5.7L: 2009+

Ford 2.0L Turbo: Block #FB5E or AG9E w/ Head #CJ5E NOT EJ5E

Ford 3.5L Turbo: 2011+

Ford 3.5L: Block #AT4E w/ Head #8T4E or Block #BL3E w/Head #DG1E

Ford 3.7L: Block #BA5E or BR3E w/ Head #DG1E

Ford 4.0L: H #1L2E milled or 6L2E/8L2E

Ford 4.6L 2V: Block #6L2E or 7L2E - '04 up

Ford 4.6L 3V

Ford 5.0L: Coyote

Ford 5.4L 2V

Ford 5.4L 2V: Block #2L1E or 3L3E

Ford 5.4L 3V

Ford 6.2L

Ford 6.8L 2V: Block #3C3E or 5C3E

Ford 6.8L 2V: Block#F7UE

Ford 6.8L 3V

GM 1.4L: Turbo

GM 2.4L: Head# 282 or 279

GM 4.3L: Block #234

GM 4.3L: Block # 090M Roller Rocker Only

GM 4.3L: 2014+ Aluminum

GM 4.8L: Gen IV 2010-14 w/ VVT

GM 5.3L: Gen III Head# 862/706

GM 5.3L: 2007+**No FWD Block#004

GM 350/5.7L: Vortec B#880

GM 6.0L: 1999-2000 Cast Iron Head # 873

GM 6.0L: Gen III 317/035

GM 6.0L: Gen IV

GM 6.0L: Aluminum Block

GM 6.2L: No catastrophic failures

Diesel Engines

Duramax 6.6L LML: Complete

Duramax 6.6L LML: Longblock

Duramax 6.6L L5P: Complete

Duramax 6.6L L5P: Longblock

Ford: 6.4L Complete

Ford 6.4L Longblock

Ford 6.7L: 2010-2015

Ford 6.7L: 2016+

Cummins: 5.9L

Cummins 6.7L


GM: 4L60

GM: 4L80

GM: 6L80

GM: 6L90

GM: 8L90

GM: 10L80

GM: 10L90

GM: 10L100

FORD: 4R70

FORD: 4R75

FORD: 4R100

FORD: 5R110

FORD: 6R80

FORD: 6R140

FORD: 10R80

FORD: 10R140







Diesel Turbochargers


7.3L Ford: Not buying currently

6.0 Ford 2003-2004 Early

6.0 Ford 2005-2007

6.4L Ford Compound Turbo

6.7 Ford 2015+


6.7L Cummins HE351VE 2007.5-2012

6.7L Cummins HE300VG 2013-2018

6.7L Cummins HE300VG 2019+


Detroit Diesel:



Mack / Volvo:

MP7, MP8

D11, D13

Diesel Fuel Injectors


7.3L Power Stroke (AA Injector) : 1994-1998

7.3L Power Stroke (AB Injector) : 1997-1999

7.3L Power Stroke (AD / AE Injectors) 1999-2003

6.0L Power Stroke 2003-2007

6.4L Power Stroke 2008-2010

6.7L Power Stroke 2011-2014

6.7L Power Stroke 2015-2019

6.7L Power Stroke 2022-Current


LB7: 2001-2004.5

LLY: 2004.5-2005

LBZ: 2006-2007.5

LMM: 2007.5-2010

LML: 2011-2016

LGH: 2011-2016

L5P: 2017-Current


ISX 15 Common Rail (single cam engine)

Mack / Volvo:

MP7, MP8

D11, D13

Detroit Diesel:

Series 60


Automotive Gas Fuel Injectors

We buy gas fuel injectors in bulk by the pound or by gaylord box. Please reach out for pricing

High Pressure Fuel Pumps / HPOPs


7.3L Power Stroke: 1994-1998

7.3L Power Stroke : 1997-1999

7.3L Power Stroke: 1999-2003

6.0L Power Stroke: 2003-2004 Aluminum HPOP

6.0L Power Stroke 2005-2007 Cast Iron HPOP

6.4L Power Stroke: 2008-2010

6.7L Power Stroke: 2011-2014

6.7L Power Stroke: 2015-2019

6.7L Power Stroke: 2022-Current


LB7: 2001-2004.5

LLY: 2004.5-2005

LBZ: 2006-2007.5

LMM: 2007.5-2010

LML: 2011-2016

LGH: 2011-2016

L5P: 2017-Current

Air Compressors

Wabco Air Compressor Casting #: 912 112 010 6

Wabco Air Compressor Casting #: 912 512 011 6

Bendix (Mack Application) TF550 / TF750

Air Dryers

Wabco Air Dryer Group #: 432 421 009 9

Wabco Air Dryer Group #: 432 421 011 9

Fan Clutches

Horton Fan Clutches

EGR Coolers & EGR Valves

EGR Coolers:

Mack: MP7, MP8

Volvo: D11, D13

EGR Valves:

Mack: MP7, MP8

Volvo: D11, D13


Delco Remy: 39MT, 41MT, 42MT, 50MT


ECMs, ECUs, Modules

New Surplus Parts

We buy new surplus parts, please reach out with an inventory list for pricing