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Ford FU5E-6675-AB 6.2L Marine Oil Pan

Ford FU5E-6675-AB 6.2L Marine Oil Pan

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The Ford FU5E-6675-AB is a genuine OEM marine oil pan designed for use with the 6.2L Ford Raptor engine. This part is specifically engineered for marine applications and is compatible with select Ford Raptor models. It is constructed from high-quality materials to ensure durability and optimal performance. The oil pan plays a crucial role in the lubrication system of the engine helping to store and distribute oil to the various components. This part is essential for maintaining the proper functioning of the marine engine and is designed to meet the specifications of the original equipment. The Ford FU5E-6675-AB is a reliable choice for marine engine maintenance and is built to withstand the unique demands of marine environments. If you own a Ford Raptor marine vessel with a 6.2L engine this OEM oil pan is an ideal replacement or upgrade option.

Part Number: FU5E-6675-AB
Manufacturer: FORD
Weight: lbs

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